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Depression and Weight Gain

NYT (again):  Exploring the Links Between Depression and Weight Gain.

In a society enamored with thinness, many assume that being fat is depressing — that if there is a cause and effect relationship, it’s obesity that makes people feel down. But “there is an alternative explanation,” said Belinda L. Needham, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “and that is that being depressed actually makes you gain weight.”

Obesity and Dementia Linked

Studies show a connection between obesity and dementia, reports Olivia Judson in the NYT:

In the United States today, around one-third of adults are obese. At the same time, dementia is already one of the most costly and devastating health problems of old age. The possibility that obesity today will lead to higher rates of dementia in the future is, therefore, deeply alarming.

Stress Strikes Again

A study finds a genetic link between stress, obesity, and diabetes.

‘We showed that the actions of single gene in just one part of the brain can have profound effects on the metabolism of the whole body,’ says Chen. This mechanism, which appears to be a ‘smoking gun’ tying stress levels to metabolic disease, might, in the future, point the way toward the treatment or prevention of a number of stress-related diseases.

Help for Binge Eating

A study reported at PsychCentral used CBT and bibliotherapy (“read this”) to help reduce binge eating with good results.

[Participants were] asked to read the book Overcoming Binge Eating by Dr. Christopher Fairburn…The book details scientific information about binge eating and then outlines a six-step self-help program using self-monitoring, self-control and problem-solving strategies.

Participants in the study attended eight therapy sessions over the course of 12 weeks in which counselors explained the rationale for cognitive behavioral therapy and helped participants apply the strategies in the book.