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Thousands of Years of Monogamy

There’ve been only thousands years of monogamy, that is–since agriculture got underway–according to the newish book, Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. When people started farming, say the authors, they started thinking about things like ownership and where babies come from.  Monogamy followed–meaning that lifelong pairing doesn’t necessarily come naturally to us.

Here’s Dan Savage getting very excited about the thesis as he interviews author Christopher Ryan on his podcast [with the usual explicit language].  Not for everyone, but…if it’s for you, there’s more where that came from on Ryan’s Psychology Today blog .

Selling “Pink Viagra”


NYT Business article about the efforts to make and market a female sex pill.

Regulators and doctors tend to be less tolerant of side effects in quality-of-life drugs than they are in medicines intended to mitigate life-and-death diseases. Some industry critics, meanwhile, contend that in the quest to find new and treatable quality-of-life problems, drug makers are not so much identifying unmet needs as they are stoking existing social anxieties to weld to their medicines.

“War on Sex”?

PsychCentral:  Views on Sex and Drugs Usually Related.

While people who are more religious and those who are more politically conservative do tend to oppose recreational drugs, in both study samples the predictive power of these religious and ideological items was reduced nearly to zero by controlling for items tracking attitudes toward sexual promiscuity.

A Female Sex Pill?

NYT:  Push to Market Pill Stirs Debate on Sexual Desire

[M]any experts say that unlike sexual dysfunction in men — which has an obvious physical component — sexual problems in women are much harder to diagnose. And among doctors and researchers, there is serious medical debate over whether female sexual problems are treatable with drugs. Some doctors advocate psychotherapy or counseling, while others have prescribed hormonal drugs approved for other uses.