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Grounding the Helicopter

Toward a less hovering approach to parenting:   How to Land Your Kid in Therapy (The Atlantic).

[A]ll of this worry about creating low self-esteem might actually perpetuate it. No wonder my patient Lizzie told me she felt “less amazing” than her parents had always said she was. Given how “amazing” her parents made her out to be, how could she possibly live up to that? Instead of acknowledging their daughter’s flaws, her parents, hoping to make her feel secure, denied them. “I’m bad at math,” Lizzie said she once told them, when she noticed that the math homework was consistently more challenging for her than for many of her classmates. “You’re not bad at math,” her parents responded. “You just have a different learning style. We’ll get you a tutor to help translate the information into a format you naturally understand.”

Empathy Endangered?

Headline: Shocker: Empathy Dropped 40% in College Students Since 2000.

Without unstructured free time with playmates, children simply don’t get to know each other very well. And you can’t learn to connect and care if you don’t practice these things. Free play declined by at least a third between 1981 and 2003–right when the kids who hit college in 2000 and later were growing up.

Free Workbooks

I post links to potentially helpful worksheets at Therapy Worksheets. Here’s a find from there that warranted double-posting:  A set of free workbooks from the Centre for Clinical Intervention, a CBT-based program in Western Australia.  Available there as of today:

  • Back from the Bluez – Coping with Depression
  • Keeping Your Balance – Coping with Bipolar Disorder
  • Shy No Longer – Coping with Social Anxiety
  • Panic Stations – Coping with Panic Attacks
  • What? Me Worry!?! – Mastering Anxiety
  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Put Off Procrastinating!
  • Assert Yourself!
  • Perfectionism in Perspective
  • Overcoming Disordered Eating

Worth a look.