Crisis Coping from A to Z

From my Psychology Today blog, Crisis Knocks, a planned series of posts (26 of them) about different strategies that can help in getting through a crisis–one for each letter of the alphabet.

I’ll return to this page as I fill in the alphabet over time, adding links to new posts. What should emerge: A virtual index for this unfolding online handbook.  Unless there’s a link, the topics are provisional, and very much subject to change.

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A – Manage Anger

B – Remember to Breathe

C – Remain Calm (or try to)

D – Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

E – Eat Well

F – Feelings Aren’t Facts

G – Gratitude List

H – H.A.L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)

I – Improvise

J – Joke

K – Keep it Simple

L – Letting Go

M – Mindfulness

N – Negative Automatic Thoughts

O – Organize

P – Partialize

Q – Quiet Your Mind

R – Remember Past Coping

S – Build Your Support System

T – Talk to Someone

U – Up with Self-Care

V – Visualize

W – Water

X – ‘Xamine Pain

Y – You Can Do It (Affirmations)

Z – Zzzzz (Sleep on It)

Disclaimer: The above articles are intended for educational purposes and for people who are in treatment with a mental health professional. None of these tools is designed to help you solve mental health problems on your own. Please consult a trained professional if you are experiencing difficulties with your moods, behaviors, or thinking patterns. If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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