Help for Helpers

Exam Tutoring for MSWs
Having recorded some of my efforts to prepare for the enormous, daunting social work licensing exam online, I became a test-prep tutor once licensed, helping Master’s level therapists who are struggling with exam preparation.  I offer tutoring services, in person and by phone, assisting licensure hopefuls manage what can be an overwhelming, anxiety-provoking study process. Contact me if you’re looking for help as you ready yourself to try (or retry) the exam.

Therapy for Therapists
Burnout and secondary trauma sap the strength and motivation from all too many therapists, social workers, nurses, doctors, etc. I offer short-term, reduced-rate therapy for front-line agency staffers and new clinicians, helping them recapture the sense of purpose and mission that first brought them to the profession.  I am also available to speak at community agencies regarding burnout prevention and self-care for staff.

Web Sites for Therapists
The Internet is a terrific way for therapists and clients to find each other. But still today, many phenomenal therapists have no presence on the web. This is partially due to exorbitant fees charged by the big-name services offering web design and hosting for therapists. Seeing costs of having a web page up as prohibitive or seeing the Internet as confusing, chaotic, and unmanageable, many clinicians opt to skip it. I began helping these people, putting up simple, very inexpensive pages for therapists shortly after launching this site.  I’m no coder, but I can get a clean, appealing site launched for a fraction of the cost of the large companies.  Write to see demos.

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