Stress-Related Chronic Pain & Illness

When MDs can’t explain the cause of chronic pain and illness, or pain jumps from place to place on the body, psychotherapy can often help.

A growing number of doctors and therapists count themselves as mind-body specialists, helping people work through stress-related chronic pain and illness, alternately called Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), Mind Body Syndrome, and Stress Illness.

Many have found that addressing the stress and tension at the root of certain pain and illness can make years–or even decades–of unrelenting symptoms lift away in a matter of days or weeks.

Take a look at my interview with Alan Gordon, LCSW, “Dealing with Chronic Pain” for information about how to identify this syndome and how it’s treated. For additional info about stress-related pain and illness on the web, including dozens of patient success stories, see the TMS Wiki and

If you think your pain or other physical symptoms may be stress related, getting a diagnosis from a medical doctor is the first step.  In Los Angeles, try Dr. David Schechter (author of the MindBody Workbook).  A list of TMS-friendly MDs in other cities and states is here.

Unsure if this applies to you?  Try Dr. Schechter’s TMS Questionnaire.

Some people experience symptom relief just by reading about stress illness. Here, some suggested books on the subject. Please feel free to call or write me to discuss and to arrange a first appointment.

David Clarke, MD

They Can’t Find Anything Wrong

John E. Sarno, MD

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

The Mindbody Prescription

The Divided Mind

David Schechter, MD

The MindBody Workbook

Howard Schubiner, MD

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