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Your Best Face

New feature at OKCupid helps ID your most alluring profile picture with the help of other users. Comes alongside this iffy move:  OKCupid Hides Good-Looking People From Less Attractive Users.  Unsavory–though a Consumerist commenter may be onto something re the attractive users thing:

I think it’s just a ploy, I received the same email too and my matches don’t seem to have changed. Probably just a way to draw people back in that haven’t been signing in as often.

Sober Living

A profile of an upscale, gay sober living house in the NYT:  Avoiding the Undertow of Temptation.

“A critically important component of recovery for people is a sense of community, not isolation,” said Robert J. Lindsey, president and chief executive of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. In sober share houses, the people “are creating for themselves their own environment, and have the opportunity to be out in one of the most beautiful places in the country.”

Find a directory of sober livings in Los Angeles at  Caution: Not all sober livings have sober residents. Look for houses that do random testing, require 12-step attendance, and otherwise seem serious about recovery.

Free CBT in L.A.

A free CBT clinic launches this Sunday at SCCC.  The flyer:

FREE Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Consultation Clinic

The Southern California Counseling Center
5615 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 937-1344

Come receive a one-time FREE CBT consultation and education from experienced mental health counselors!

CBT is a highly effective type of mental health treatment that helps people who suffer from:

Depression, anxiety disorders (such as panic disorder, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder), low self-esteem, family/marital/relationship problems, grief and loss, and many other issues.

CBT helps people develop hands-on therapeutic skills to improve the quality of their lives. It helps to elevate daily functioning by reducing stress, improving mood, assisting with communication skills, anger management skills and in raising self-esteem.

The CBT Clinic will offer one-time No-Cost Cognitive Behavioral Therapy consultations at the Southern California Counseling Center on the first Sunday of every month starting on:

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 from 2pm to 7pm.

The service is offered on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. No prior appointment is required. Simply come to the Southern California Counseling Center at the above address and sign up for a free consultation session. We hope to see you there.

Free Mental Health Help for Vets

Give an Hour connects vets with therapists who donate time each week. A collection of profiles of the organization is linked here.  The mission is simple:

GAH is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of the troops and families affected by the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We provide counseling to individuals, couples and families, and children and adolescents. We offer treatment for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, sexual health and intimacy concerns, and loss and grieving.

Stress Management Pages

The stress management section of has lots and lots and lots of ideas about how to handle stress.  Here, a sampling of links:

Stress relief: Learn how to say no Discover the why, when and how of saying no to reduce stress.

Forgiveness Forgiveness and letting go can lead you down the path of healing and peace.

Massage Explore the health benefits, potential risks and what to expect from massage therapy.

Meditation Learn quick and easy ways to meditate, no matter where you are.


Chronic Pain Anonymous

Added to the resources page here, Chronic Pain Anonymous.  New and not huge, you’re more likely to find online or phone meetings than one nearby.  From the site:

How do I know if I may benefit from Chronic Pain Anonymous?

If your life is managed around your experience of pain and if you make choices in activities, careers, entertainment, or any other actions depending upon how much pain you are experiencing, than you may just be experiencing chronic pain. If you can answer the following statement with an unequivocal yes:

• I admit that I am powerless over my pain-and my life has become unmanageable.

… then you may benefit from Chronic Pain Anonymous

Journaling and Chronic Pain

A new page on the TMS Wiki details various approaches to journaling. They’re up there to help people with chronic pain, but journaling can be a big help to just about anyone.  Among the approaches on the page: List Making, Spider Writing, Free Writing, Unsent Letters, and Dialogue.

Several workbooks, which’ll help you through the writing process are listed. Two chronic pain-specific, journaling-heavy titles: Unlearn Your Pain (Dr. Howard Schubiner) and The MindBody Workbook (Dr. David Schechter).


Mindful Computing

Heard of this?  Stillness Buddy.  Designed for those who find themselves jumping from one thing to another on the computer without a second’s break or breath.  From the site:

Stillness Buddy works by displaying on your desktop screen, short “moments of stillness” and longer “mindfulness pauses,” spread out during the day. These breaks are very brief so they don’t interfere with your work. You choose their duration and frequency to suit your preferences and schedule.

The program comes in four versions:  Original, Stress Reduction, Barry Long, and Thich Nhat Hanh.  Pick your flavor.


Another way to go:  Leechblock.   The Firefox add-on limits your ability to get to sites beyond a set amount of visits or minutes in an hour or day:

You can specify up to six sets of sites to block, with different times and days for each set. You can block sites within fixed time periods (e.g., between 9am and 5pm), after a time limit (e.g., 10 minutes in every hour), or with a combination of time periods and time limit (e.g., 10 minutes in every hour between 9am and 5pm).

So, if you’re checking Facebook over and over and over and over and want to cut down to just over and over, Leechblock’s there to help.  If there aren’t already many other versions of the same available, I’m sure they’re on their way…