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Anxious in Los Angeles

With all the uncertainty following the November election, anxiety is spiking. Worry and fear can show up for different people in vastly different ways. Here’s an article that sums up some of the possibilities. If you’ve been anxious lately, something here is likely look familiar. Also, up top in the article, some simple suggestions:

  1. Make it a priority to connect face-to-face with supportive people
  2. Move your body frequently—don’t sit for more than an hour
  3. Get the full amount of restful sleep that you require
  4. Learn about and practice relaxation techniques

May seem over simple–but these little steps can help a lot.

Los Feliz Therapy

Since opening my Los Feliz office years ago, a lot more psychotherapists have started practices in the neighborhood and a lot more psychotherapy resources have become available. That includes good psychiatry, which used to require travel and traffic to get to. If you’re thinking about therapy, get in touch. If I don’t have time available, I’m happy to refer you someone else.

Some areas of focus:

Anxiety and Depression

Relationships/Family (Dating, Couples TherapyParenting, Co-ParentingCoping with Divorce)

Stress-Related Chronic Pain and Illness

If you’re struggling with a crisis–or with the same stuff over and over–therapy can help.

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Figuring Out Therapy

In case you missed in, here’s Daphne Merkin on the pitfalls of entertaining in therapy–Making My Therapist Laugh (NYT):

One of the odder things about therapy, I’ve discovered, is that it comes with little in the way of a code of conduct as opposed to other situations you find yourself in…There is no one, in short, to tell you how to behave. Indeed, the assumptions you make about how you should behave can reveal as much about you as what you actually say or do in therapy itself…[F]or the longest time I thought my role as a good patient was to entertain, to tap-dance around my troubles, like a Ms. Bojangles, aiming for a heartwarming response from the gallery. Indeed, I became so skilled at casting my issues in an amusing light that one of my therapists asked me if I had ever considered becoming a stand-up comedian…

Opting Out

Interesting study, by Dr. Carl Hart, written up in the New York Times:

 At the start of each day, as researchers watched behind a one-way mirror, a nurse would place a certain amount of crack in a pipe — the dose varied daily — and light it. While smoking, the participant was blindfolded so he couldn’t see the size of that day’s dose.

Then, after that sample of crack to start the day, each participant would be offered more opportunities during the day to smoke the same dose of crack. But each time the offer was made, the participants could also opt for a different reward that they could collect when they eventually left the hospital. Sometimes the reward was $5 in cash, and sometimes it was a $5 voucher for merchandise at a store.

When the dose of crack was fairly high, the subject would typically choose to keep smoking crack during the day. But when the dose was smaller, he was more likely to pass it up for the $5 in cash or voucher.

“They didn’t fit the caricature of the drug addict who can’t stop once he gets a taste,” Dr. Hart said. “When they were given an alternative to crack, they made rational economic decisions.”

Socializing Time

Want to be more social?  Think about time, a study says.

Does thinking about time or money make you happier? A new study…finds that people who are made to think about time plan to spend more of their time with the people in their lives while people who think about money fill their schedules with work…


Hillhurst Psychotherapy

Thinking about individual or couples therapy?  My primary office is at Hillhurst and Ambrose in Los Feliz (right next to Nature Mart, across from Albertson’s/The Coffee Bean).  It’s very easily reached from Silver Lake, Echo Park, Glendale, Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Hollywood…

If you’re further west or south, I also see people in Beverly Hills, 90211, at an office near Olympic and Robertson.

Call (323) 610-0112 to discuss your situation and make an appointment.

Music Therapy?

PsychCentral: Music Prescription for Depression

Researchers are investigating how the emotionally soothing effect of music can augment the treatment of depression and the management of physical pain…This could make it possible, within a few years, to develop computer programs which identify pieces of music that will influence a individual’s mood (e.g. to motivate them when exercising or when studying for exams), meet their emotional needs and help them cope better with physical pain.

L.A. Therapist

Ordered the couch yesterday for new therapy offices in Los Feliz.  I’ll post pictures once it’s all set up.  In the meantime, help with anxiety, depression, relationships, stress-related chronic pain, and addiction recovery ongoing at offices in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and Beverly Hills.  Call me at (323) 610-0112 to talk about what you’re going through and arrange a first appointment.


Silver Lake Therapist

I’ve added the Ambrose Ave. address in Los Feliz to the therapy offices page.  Still going strong:  locations in Silver Lake (at Sunset Junction) and Beverly Hills (on Robertson, just south of Olympic).

Help with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress-related chronic pain, and addiction recovery.

Call or write to arrange a first appointment:  (323) 610-0112,


Philosophy Bites

For people who took and didn’t hate Philosophy 101, here’s a podcast you also may not hate:  Philosophy Bites. A pair of British philosophers bring in an outside  philosopher and chew on a topic for 10 – 20 minutes.  Shows often touch on topics that are cousins to psychology:  What is Consciousness?, Sense of Self, Morality.  All comes out in a book soon, if you prefer, but that won’t be as commute-friendly, accent-filled, or free.