Addiction Recovery

Working with recovering addicts and alcoholics is a specialty of mine and has always been a part of my practice.  Putting an addiction behind you, and keeping it behind you, is, for most people, an enormous struggle.  Psychotherapy can play a huge and important role in helping this process by supporting and enriching recovery already underway.

Though not for everyone, serious efforts at  addiction recovery often include active participation in a twelve-step program (A.A., C.A., N.A., etc.).  Inpatient addiction treatment programs can also offer extremely valuable help for getting started overcoming the problem.

The numbers and links below can help you find a meeting close-by–there are hundreds of meetings throughout the day, all around the city, every day of the week.  Find a more complete list of 12-Step Meetings in L.A. on the resources page.

Twelve Step Meetings in Los Angeles

Alcoholics Anonymous: (323) 936-4343

Cocaine Anonymous: (310) 216-4444

Narcotics Anonymous: (818) 773-9999

Al-Anon: (818) 760-7122

Additional 12-Step Info:

For reading about addictions of all kinds try the Hazelden Bookstore. The site includes titles about addiction to drugs and alcohol, sex and love, gambling, the Internet…and on from there.

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