Depression Treatment (on a Budget)

PsychCentral looks at ways to get the most out of depression treatment during tough economic times.  Suggestions include:

  • Ask your doctor if a generic form of your medication exists and if it would be all right for you to take. Target and Walmart are just a few of the pharmacies that offer generic medications for as little as $4.
  • Use an online program, such as Healthy Footsteps, to monitor your daily activity and moods, learning about what affects your mood and when…
  • Spend time preparing for therapy, as you would a class or exam. Request work outside of sessions, journal, and really focus on what you want to get out of your sessions…
  • Be completely honest with your therapist…Know that your therapist is under confidentiality rules, and that they are there to help you. They can’t do that unless you tell them what is really going on. So don’t waste your time and money by hiding in therapy.

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Posted by Will Baum, LCSW