Promoting “Stuff”

Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things got a big promotional push when it came out earlier this year.  Thanks to the (hoarding?) nature of net, the material is still around.  That includes an NPR interview with co-author Randy Frost. And here’s a Time Magazine story, “Hoarding: How Collecting Stuff Can Destroy Your Life.” Excerpt:

When I asked one woman if I could describe her as a former hoarder — because she has been living pretty much clutter-free for the past six or seven years — she said no. She gave a little anecdote about her thoughts about throwing away a yogurt cup. It was [still] excruciating for her. Part of her phenomena is a tendency to anthropomorphize things and give them feelings. She felt so badly for this cup that she was throwing away. That it was the one that got rejected. That it had to go into this bin and maybe it would be humid and uncomfortable.