RAINing Mindfulness

 The Irish Times Tara Brach spells out RAIN (the mindfulness acronym):

R is for Recognise. Just recognise that you have the emotion, that you’re very anxious for instance.

A is for Allow. Allow the anxiety to be present, accept that it’s there. No need to get into a fight with yourself over it.

I is for Investigate. Notice how the anxiety manifests itself physically, emotionally and in your thoughts. Perhaps your chest feels tight, your thoughts might be, “This is bad” or “I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this” and your emotion might be fear.

N is for Non-identify. Notice that there is more to you than these thoughts, feelings or physical experiences. You might say, for instance, “This is not all of me” or “There is more to me than this”.

Some like “A is for Accept.”  Easy to accept/allow either.