Sleep Deprivation v. Depression

From the NYT Opinionator section, In Sleepless Nights, a Hope for Treating Depression–post-partum depression, at least.  (Since when did new moms get a lot of sleep anyway?)

Sleep deprivation used as a treatment for depression is efficacious and robust: it works quickly, is relatively easy to administer, inexpensive, relatively safe and it also alleviates other types of clinical depression. Sleep deprivation can elevate your mood even if you are not depressed, and can induce euphoria. This throws a new light on insomnia.

But don’t try this at home:

[P]rolonged sleep deprivation is not exactly a desirable state; it leads to cognitive defects, such as reduced working memory and impaired decision making.  Finally, depression recurs after the mother, inevitably, succumbs to sleep, even for a short nap.