L.A. Therapists on Twitter

In the not-so-long-ago olden times, people looking for therapy would generally get a referral from someone they knew, go to the therapist, and get therapy.  Simple as that.

Things are different.  Now you can shop online for a therapists via various directories (e.g., Psychology Today), therapist websites, blogs, and, if you like, on twitter.

Therapists tend to use their twitter 140 for inspirational quotes,  links to blog posts, therapy news, and generalities. You don’t really get to know them by what they tweet–it’s primarily promotional.

What are Los Angeles therapists tweeting? I was curious, so I put together this list:  Los Angeles therapists on twitter.

You can choose a therapist based upon what they tweet, blog about, or write on their website…but is it the best way to go? Probably not. Will a therapist understand you? Will you feel heard, helped, listened to? To figure that out, the old-fashioned face-to-face still trumps: Get into the office, get talking, and see how it goes…